Dorset Landscape Photography: Another cliff fall ?
01st March 2012 - 3 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Another cliff fall at Burton Bradstock?

I went to check on the area around the recent cliff fall today as a few people had mentioned they felt more had come down.

I am not sure if there has been a second cliff fall, but it does seem that the rocks and boulders from the initial fall have been spread across the beach, towards the Hive Beach Café. Further erosion and damage has seems to have been done to the cliffs to the East of the original fall.

The erosion has uncovered a number of ledges and holes in the cliff and shows clearly the effects of coastal erosion, with the rocks crumbling in-between and around pillars, leaving gaping holes and climb-throughs exposed.

I spoke with Coast Watch today but they had no reports of any further falls from the cliff face, although they too had been investigating earlier in the day.

In any event, there is now more widespread rocks and boulders on the beach at Burton Bradstock, so please take extra care if visiting the site; keep away from the cliff edge and don't let your children climb all over the initial fall, especially near the cliffs.

Dorset Landscape Photography : Cliff Fall at Burton Beach pt 2
12th February 2012 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Cliff Fall at Burton Beach pt 2

Over the next couple of days, still with the high/low Spring tides, I managed to capture the rockfall in different light, different times of day and with people clambering all over it.

The first was at sunrise the day after the fall, following on from the previous blog post, but this time I got my feet wet to capture the morning light hitting the rocks.

The other shots were from during the day, with low Spring tides around lunchtime, with people coming down to the beach to see it, climb on it, take bits home, look for fossils etc.

There seemed no end to the interest shown by many visitors, verging on stupidity, as they climbed the rock fall, right up to the cliff face, looking up at the cracks, wondering if there was more to come down! Amazing.

Dorset Landscape Photography : Cliff Fall at Burton Beach
11th February 2012 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Cliff Fall at Burton Beach

Not a great day for photography, but I was in the right place at the right time.

A major cliff fall happened this lunchtime on Hive Beach, under the cliffs from the South West Coast Path. The Jurassic Coast is always falling into the sea, but today a major lump went.

Two passers by were feet away from it when it came down, which gave them quite a start, and as she was 6 months pregnant, it took a while to calm them again.

The following day I popped down again at sunrise, which coincided with high tide. It was a cold, slightly misty morning, with some lovely colour in the sky.

Dorset Landscape Photography : Sunrise over Broadoak
19th January 2012 - 1 comment
Dorset Landscape Photography
Sunrise over Broadoak

Following on from my previous blog post, the mists seemed to be quite think on the ground and I wanted to try a different viewpoint, so I moved around the valley and climbed to the top of Pilsden Pen.

By the time I got up there, the sun was up and heating up the valley, and the mists across the Marshwood Vale had all but gone. As I walked around the back of Pilsden Pen and looked out towards the North, the valleys out towards Broadoak, Crewkerne and Ham Hill were full of low lying mist, as far as the eye could see. On the far horizon, to the North East was a small hill poking out of the white sheet of mists, which I think was Ham Hill, but it was too far to get a good shot.

To the East, towards Broadoak, was a great valley and a few ridges on the hillsides, where the mists were swirling breaking up as it flowed over them. A wonderful atmosphere and very beautiful.
Dorset Landscape Photographer : Sunrise across the Marshwood Vale
16th January 2012 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photographer
Sunrise across the Marshwood Vale

Following on from the previous post, with the sun up, I focused across the Marshwood Vale, where the electricity pylons forge their way across the valley floor.

Named by some the 'Hand of Man', the pylons were initially hated when they were put in during the 60's as it was felt they ruined the landscape, but on a bright misty morning, they provide a great lead-in line across the beautiful, misty, valley.

The mists were not that thick on the ground, and the tree tops were poking out, providing a some great shapes and features.

Dorset Landscape Photography : Sunrise over Dorset
14th January 2012 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Sunrise over the Dorset coast

It was a cold, misty morning on Friday, with the mists lying lightly in the valleys around Bridport, so I headed out to a hilltop overlooking the Marshwood Vale.

The vale was swathed in mist, with its pylons sticking out leading a path across the valley.

As the sun rose, it came up into a bank of cloud sitting on the horizon, forming a golden disc lighting up the coastline along Chesil Bank. The mists were hanging around the valleys down along the coast towards Weymouth & Portland.

The trees on top of Colmers Hill near Bridport and the valleys running down into Chideock make an interesting foreground.

Landscape Photography : Experiments in Black and White
10th January 2012 - 0 comments
Landscape Photography
Experiments in Black and White
St Clement Danes Church, London

I am working on a project at the moment covering black and white landscape photography, in particular, churches. Therefore I have been out & about looking for subject to fill this role.

Whilst investigating the subject, I came across a wonderful image from the great Ansel Adams of St Clement Danes Church from an interesting viewpoint, being attacked with a sickle. The location of St Clement Danes in relation to St Paul's got me thinking.

I had to gain authorisation from the buildings owners, but I wanted to get above the skyline, onto their roof, to get a perspective of St Clement Danes, across the London skyline, with St Paul's in the background. It took awhile but I managed to get the authorisation needed and visited London last week.

Unfortunate,y the weather was very grey, overcast and gloomy and I only had 15 minutes or so to grab the scope out the viewpoint and capture the shot.

I processed the image using Silver Efex Pro, which is fast becoming an industry standard for b/w images. I used the 'high structure' filter, along with some added grain and a vignette to take on the style of Ansel Adams.

And here is my take on his original picture:

Dorset Landscape Photographer : Dorset Groynes
07th January 2012 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photographer
Dorset Groynes

A very Happy New Year to everyone out there and I hope 2012 bring you lots of inspiration for your pictures, painting or other forms of artwork.

One of the many features of the coastline along Dorset's amazing Jurassic Coast are the wonderful groynes. There are so many different shapes and sizes that we almost pass them by without a second thought.

As a Dorset based landscape & seascape photographer, I am always looking for something a little different to photograph. Dorset has many great artists and photographers and there is an amazing variety of subjects to cover here.

Whilst out just before Christmas taking a few shots at low tide, I came across this one, which has a natural curve to it. The weather conditions were murky rather than dramatic, so I got out the Lee Big Stopper, the ND110, and settled in for a few minutes.

I liked the composition here as the sweep in the groyne leads into the outer cardinal marker. The long exposure flattened the water, provided some movement in the clouds, but kept all of the tones quite muted and subdued.

Hope you like it.
Dorset Wildlife Photography : Blue Shark tale reaches National Press
06th January 2012 - 1 comment
Dorset Wildlife Photography
Blue Shark found on Hive Beach

On Boxing Day a Blue Shark was found washed up on the beach at Burton Bradstock. Unfortunately it was already dead and could not be saved.

I was lucky enough to be around when the shark was spotted, and grabbed my camera and ran to the beach. I was one of the first on the scene and managed to take a few shots. The staff of the Hive Beach Cafe were on the scene, who subsequently reported the shark to the National Trust and spoke to the local press.

The shark had been seen 3 days earlier, in West Bay, when a local woman, Jeanette Longley, walking on the beach, saw the shark and wrestled with it to try and get it back into the deeper water. It appeared at the time that it was trying to beach itself.

When I saw the shark on Boxing Day, no one knew of its earlier sighting and we were confused as to why it had died. The only clue was a sac that was hanging from its abdomen and it had possibly recently given birth which may have caused trauma to the animal.

I logged the pictures with the local press and a regional news agency and the story has now received coverage by the Daily Mail, Mirror, Daily Star and tonight was shown on ITV local news.

A link to the Daily Mail article can be found here:

Dorset Landscape Photography: Winter Solstice over Hive Beach
21st December 2011 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Winter Solstice over Hive Beach

Today was the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. Sunrise this morning was dull and cloudy and at the end of the afternoon, there were still many clouds around and the sky still looked a little dull.

As I looked out at sunset to see what was happening, the sky was slowly clearing of its low lying cloud leaving the higher cloud exposed. The sun was setting behind some low level clouds on the horizon and I decided to wait and see what happened.

As the minutes went by the clouds behind me started to show some colour and as the time ticked on the colour rolled across the sky towards the horizon.

The colours were magnificent and the sky held its colour for over an hour, always changing with the clouds rolling across it. This was from about 20 minutes after sunset and is pretty much straight from the camera. The colours don't need any saturating or enhancement of any kind. It was a glorious sunset.

Happy Christmas to everyone out there. Thanks for your kind comments over recent months and I hope you take some great images over the holidays! See you in 2012.
Somerset Landscape Photography : The Somerset Levels
03rd December 2011 - 2 comments
Somerset Landscape Photography
The Somerset Levels

I have been wanting to get out to the levels on a misty morning for a long time. Every time I have tried to get there before, something has come up.

A few weeks ago I decided to book myself into a local hotel, so no excuses and prayed for a good cold night and a great layer of mist. My aim was to go Barrow Mump and photograph the levels from there.

I was therefore disappointed to get up yesterday morning, drive out to the Mump only to see no mist at all. It had been a cold night and I was surprised to see it so clear. I decided to climb up the hill anyway just to get a feel for the place and the views from the top.

Once up there, I spotted a wisp of mist, off in the distance, out towards Glastonbury so I got back in the car and headed over to the Tor, the mists growing as I headed East. Not knowing the area too well, by the time I got there, parked up and climbed the hill (and its a BIG hill), the sun was up and I was hoping I hadn't missed it.

The mists around the Tor were wonderful. Some of the best I have ever experienced and there were many others up there to take in the view and welcome in such a glorious day.

The mists were rolling across the valleys, constantly moving and changing the effect it had on the landscape. Trees would appear and disappear, buildings come and go and with the sun up, shadows, outlines, shapes and textures were all constantly changing.

It was a magical morning. One that makes you feel very fortunate to have seen it and hopefully to have captured it to share with the rest of you. I hope you the enjoy this series of shots, simply named 'Trees in Mist'.

2012 Calendar released
28th November 2011 - 0 comments
The 2012 Calendar is now released, in association with the Hive Beach Café.

Following on from our success last year with the Hive, we have released a new calendar for 2012 highlighting images from my own landscape and seascape photography collection, specifically from Dorset.

This year, each month also highlights what fish are in season and at their best, accompanied by another image from the recently published Hive Beach Café Cookbook, where I shot all the images for the book.

All profits from the sale of the book this year will go to Macmillan Cancer Research.

I hope you enjoy the calendar, all of the images and help us raise some funds for Macmillan.
Cornwall Landscape Photographer : Sunset over Cape Cornwall
14th November 2011 - 0 comments
Cornwall Landscape Photographer
Sunset over Cape Cornwall

It was a dark, gray and wild sunset down at Cape Cornwall this weekend. Saturday saw some great weather, with some lovely cloud formations and light, but as sunset neared, the skies filled in and the winds picked up.

I love the weather when its like this, and the Cornish Coast is one place to make the most of it. The wild rugged coastline and the dramatic rocks, mixed with high winds and rolling waves, made for some interesting shots.

I was cleaning the filters between each shot as the spray was all-covering, including me, and the unpredictable waves, every ten or so, made for wet trousers, soaked boots and a run to make sure the camera bag was kept dry.

I used a polorising filter to enhance the grey's and give the sky some extra depth and a 0.3 hard grad helped too.

A great spot if you get the chance to visit.
The Hive Beach Café Cookbook – the project is complete
14th November 2011 - 0 comments
The Hive Beach Café Cookbook

As many of you know I have been working hard on a food photography project for the last 3 months. I am glad to say that the project is finished and is already a great success. The book will be published and on sale from December 1st.

The book is to be covered in many national papers and magazines in the run up to Christmas, but you can pre-order your copy now by following the links in the related blog post. The first print run is limited, so to make sure you get your copy before Christmas, place your pre-order now.

Thanks to everyone for your comments of support over the past few weeks. Its been great fun working on such a project, although I have sorely missed the landscape work. I'll be getting back to that very soon.

I dont like to remind you, but its only 6 weeks to Christmas! I must get organised.
The Hive Beach Café Cookbook – the project is complete
14th November 2011 - 0 comments
The Hive Beach Café Cookbook – the ideal Christmas gift

‘The perfect introduction to seafood cookery, courtesy of Dorset’s coolest beachfront café.’ Lesley Waters

The Hive Beach Café Cookbook, featuring more than 100 fish and seafood recipes divided into four seasons, is now available to buy. The ultimate Christmas gift for anyone who loves seafood – or who’s ever enjoyed line-caught Portland seabass or a warming bowl of fish soup by the sea at Burton Bradstock – the book will be published by Bristlebird Books on 1 December.

For more information or to view sample pages, please click here.

Featuring a foreword and four exclusive recipes from celebrity chef and long-time Hive supporter Lesley Waters, the book is edited by former Mr & Mrs Smith editor Rufus Purdy and packed with beautiful images from award-winning photographer Graham Wiffen. It reflects The Hive’s chefs’ passion for sustainability and protecting our dwindling fish stocks. You’re just as likely to discover recipes for cuttlefish, garfish, gurnard and huss as you are to come across innovative new ways to cook lobster, scallops and squid.

The Hive Beach Café Cookbook also makes use of the latest QR-code technology – meaning readers can simply download recipes to their mobile phones before setting out to source the ingredients.

The Hive Beach Café Cookbook, £16.99, is now available to buy from The Hive Beach Café and

Dorset Landscape Photography: Sunset over Kimmeridge Bay
04th November 2011 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Sunset over Clavell's Pier, Kimmeridge Bay

Its been a while since I've been out to focus on landscape photography. The cookbook project I am involved in is taking up much of my time. Its nearly finished and I will be posting details of it up here very soon.

I decided to pop over to Kimmeridge Bay to watch the sunset. One of my favourite places, as there is so much to see there at any state of tide. It where the Jurassic Coast shows its teeth, with the rock formations and ledges in the bay, Clavell's Pier and the further round, even more ledges with some fantastic detailing. All this and of course, some great patterns, colours and formations uncovered at low tides.

As I arrived, it was nearing high tide, although it wasn't that high, so I headed off to Clavell's Pier, which was nicely exposed and being washed by the incoming tide, leaving it wet and shining in the setting sun.

Took a couple of shots in portrait mode, from the top of the pier, as it was leading out towards the setting sun. The light was hitting the rocks beautifully, lighting up the whole formation.

The second was taken using the Lee Big Stopped, ND110, 10 stop filter, and was a 3 minute exposure, set off 1.5 minutes beofre sunset. I wanted to capture the sun in the shot, but not let it burn out too much compared to the rest of the picture. There were other photographers down there this evening, so I really wanted to get further right, but others were already there, but I like the result with the pier leading into the picture nicely.

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011 - Commended
24th October 2011 - 1 comment
Press Release
Graham Wiffen, high on a hill

Bridport photographer Graham Wiffen is celebrating having been awarded ‘Commended’ in the 2011 Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. The image will be in this year’s Take a View book, available from 31st October and in the slide slow that will run as part of an exhibition in London at the National Theatre.

“This is the first year I have entered,” says Graham. “So I’m chuffed to bits to have got through!” The photograph is of mists across the iconic Colmers Hill, Symonsdbury, and captures the magical beauty of a Dorset morning. Following his success Graham is increasingly busy, actively seeking to raise the profile of the county with his photographic work.

Charlie Waite, one of Britain’s best-loved landscape photographers and founder of Take a View, set up the Awards to provide an ongoing platform for capturing images that best symbolise our land and our times, which will stand as a record for the future. There were many thousands of entries to the competition which is sponsored by Network Rail and supported by the Sunday Times magazine.

The sheer number of competitors in 2011 demonstrated both the beauty and variety of the UK landscape and in the South West there is no shortage of varied and dramatic scenery. Landscapes are Graham’s passion although he is already well established as a food photographer.

Exhibition details:
Take a view – Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011 Exhibition in association with Network Rail & Epson UK.
Dates: Monday, 5th December 2011 - 28th January 2012
Venue: Lyttelton Foyer, National Theatre, South Bank, London SE1 9PX
020 7452 3400

For more information/contact:
Graham Wiffen
Tel: 07872 172734
Web site:

From Annette Shaw PR
Telephone: - 01308 456699
Dorset Landscape Photography : Morning mists
29th September 2011 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Morning mists

Be back soon
28th September 2011 - 0 comments
Just a quick note to say I'll be back with some new pictures very soon.

I have been working on a different project over the past weeks which is going to continue for a few more weeks too. All very exciting, but very time consuming.

I'm working on a cookbook, taking all the pictures for the book, which includes not only the food photography, but the locations, people, suppliers, action shots and of course, some landscapes too.

I'll post a few of the shots shortly, but I'll be back with some more landscapes very soon too.
Dorset Landscape Photography: Sunset across Radipole Lake
27th August 2011 - 0 comments
Dorset Landscape Photography
Sunset across Radipole Lake

Driving back from Ringstead Bay and White Nothe last week, the sun was looking grey and uninspiring... how wrong can you be.

As the sun hit the horizon, it found a niche in the clouds and turned the sky an amazing burnt orange / purple, picking up the contours of the clouds.

I quickly stopped at a local viewpoint, Radipole Lake, and captured a couple of shots before it started to turn.

I hope you enjoy the view.